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Research and Development

The global market, in which our company has been involved since its foundation, requires the ability of constant and targeted innovation. The Research and Development department plays a key role in the construction of the technological process - from the initial project of formulation to the transformation in a product. The world of health to which PNK belongs, as an intellectual production, requires a deep knowledge of the processes, vitality, innovation and cutting-edge solutions. To meet the needs of the evolving Nutraceutical market, the Research and Development is involved in the discovery of new technologies and new natural components and extracts from natural sources that satisfy the needs of functionality and safety of the consumer.In the process of construction, purification and study applied on the various natural components, the R & D department collaborates with Research Institutions and Universities.

The future belongs to us. Every day we meet new challenges.




The ability to interpret the needs of the market is the basis of our success! Responding to the needs of the formulation of products is expressed always according to the motivation of the client.

The dosage specifically designed to be more suitable for an intake, the amount of the individual components and their synergies are laboratory tested.

The palatability of the products is studied by an expert team. The formulations are developed according to the research that PNK performs and complies with the Directives of the Italian and EU regulations.

If required, the formulation is adapted to the requirements of the country where the product is exported.




The lyophilisation or freeze-drying is a technological process that allows the complete elimination of water in food (and medications and supplements), which are reduced in dehydrated powder that  by adding the right amount of water  assume the taste and the nutritional characteristics (or therapeutic) that the products had before treatment. The freeze-drying is carried out at very low temperatures (<40 - 50 ° C) and in vacuum conditions so that the water contained in the product, previously frozen, turn to ice and sublime passing from the solid state to a vapor. It 'a necessary process for the conservation of thermolabile substances and essentially consists of three distinct phases: primary drying (or sublimation under vacuum), secondary drying (vacuum evaporation) and vacuum break. PNK uses the Telstar benchtop freeze dryer - the state of the art in the control of performance and processes. This lyophiliser is specifically developed for basic research and in scientific and biotechnological institutes.


Pulverization of oils

Pulverization of oils

The drying by atomization, countercurrent means the drying of a liquid component, which is reduced in solid component dividing it into fine drops and investing it with a current of hot gas (normally air). The power supply can be a solution, a suspension or a paste. The nature of the solid product ranges from fine powder and granules, to agglomerates according to the type of fluid to be dried and to the method of drying. For the pulverization of the oils, the atomization takes place by feeding an oily mass adsorbed and injected in countercurrent with air at a temperature below 40 ° C. The spray drying is the most advanced drying process to immediately design and formulate a particle in a single step. Pro CepT R & S Spray Dryer is a comprehensive instrument that generates reliable results, that are repeatable and scalable in a minimum of time!