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PNK works with more than 30 clients and produces more than 150 finished products. Our production capacity is spread on a total area of approximately 850 m2.

The company has a quality system that complies with the current legislation of the food sector (Reg. 852/2004) and ensures the safety in the production process and the high quality of our products.
Our staff is constantly trained and instructed;   in the laboratories operates only highly qualified personnel.

All raw materials used in production are controlled in our chemistry and microbiology laboratories according to the HACCP plan and stored at a room temperature or in the refrigerators depending on the specifications stated in the certificates of suppliers that accompany them.
The raw materials used in the production are: dry extracts, titrated vegetable extracts and fluids; vitamins, minerals and amino acids; lactic acid bacteria, colostrum, lactoferrin and milk protein; various ingredients and oils.


Pharmaceutical forms produced

Finished products